How To Make Your iPhone Photos Look Professional

Your smartphone’s camera is one of its biggest draws.  Unless you’re a professional photographer, there’s really no need to use another one.  Forbes contributor Jordan Bishop speculates the iPhone X could make DLSR cameras obsolete.  Thanks to features like Portrait Mode, wide-angle and telephoto lenses, and even portrait lighting, the latest iPhone iteration is like a mobile photo studio.  However, even if you didn’t shell out $1000 for the X, you can still make your iPhone photos look professional.  Here’s how:

Adjust the Settings

iPhone photos camera
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The average iPhone user slides it out of the box and starts snapping away.  Rarely do they take the time to tinker with the camera settings.  However, doing so is worth the time.  You can enable the Grid option, which helps you compose your shots using the rule of thirds.  Taking HDR photos gives your pics more detail.  And turning off auto flash lets you decide when it’s necessary and when it’s a hindrance.

Don’t Zoom

iphone photo zoom
Source: PocketMeta

Digital zoom ruins the quality of your photos.  It stretches the pixels and leaves you with a grainy photo.  Optical zoom is a better option but you need an iPhone 7 Plus or better for this function.  And even then, it doesn’t allow you to zoom in that much.  Instead, move closer.

Use a Different App

camera apps

Though the iOS camera app is pretty loaded with features, you have better options.  Apps like Camera+ and Obscura Camera might cost you a few bucks, but they give you more control over your photos.  Control the exposure, white balance, and focus as though you’re using a real camera.

Load Up on Accessories

TruLight Selfie Ring Light

You need more than just your iPhone.  Great iPhone photos result from several accessories.  First, you need to stabilize the camera.  You can use a tripod, selfie stick, or a Steadicam holder.  This helps you avoid those pesky blurry photos.  Also, invest in some different lenses.  Yes, the iPhone 7 Plus and newer versions have telephoto and wide-angle options.  However, you need more.  ThreeCat’s 6 in 1 iPhone case comes loaded with telephoto, fisheye, macro, and wide-angle lens options.  Pop the case on and switch between lenses by sliding a single piece up and down.

Practice, practice, practice

iPhone photos beach
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It takes time to find the right combination of tools and settings.  You won’t create award-winning iPhone photos by accident.  Practice your approach again and again until you get the desired result.  Then, share your creations with everyone you can.  You never know.  You could launch a massive following like this Instagram account.