5 Scary Things to Know About Your Kid and Social Media

Social media is the new face of communication, and it’s even being used in schools to connect students and parents to teachers, administrators, and classrooms. Facebook and Twitter are two networks you can’t escape from anymore, and you may as well be non-existent in the eyes of the world if you don’t have an account. But, is it necessary for kids to have social media accounts or is your kid and social media not a good mix? Here are some scary truths about kids and social media that you should know:

Effects on Mental Health

Kid and social media bullying
Source: Pexels

Experts have, time and time again, proven links between depression and social media, especially in the case of children and adolescents. Facebook Depression is a real term used to describe the feeling one gets when they experience the pressure, drama, and other intense happenings that clutter social networks. Often, this can have profound effects on young lives, resulting in everything from social isolation to self-destructive behaviors – or even suicide.