The Heartwarming Tale of a Texas Student and His Teacher Becoming Family

anthony berry and bennie berry adoption

The lives of many kids in foster care can be challenging and difficult. While waiting and hoping that each home they wind up in will be their forever home, some children can become disheartened. One Texas student decided to take matters into his own hands and reached out to his teacher for assistance. It was then that 16-year old Anthony Berry asked his English teacher, Bennie Berry, to be his mom.

At first, Berry thought he was joking. But she soon realized he was not kidding and the option was available for her to bring him into her home as her son. The Texas student has finally found a place he can call home. If that doesn’t make you feel all warm and tingly inside, nothing will.

Let’s face it, the world can be a cruel place. Imagine spending your life being shuffled from home to home, not being able to enjoy the love and support of a family that many kids experience. The foster care system is not perfect, and its workers are often overworked and understaffed. There are multitudes of children that are abandoned and forgotten, through no fault of their own.

texas student adopted by teacher

It can often be too much for many kids to bear. They feel hopeless and alone in a world where many are only concerned with themselves. Bennie Berry made the decision to take an abandoned teenager into her home and give him what he needed most. A family.

The new mom and her son were absolutely delighted as the adoption was finalized in November. The Texas student has a mother and a home and Berry will have a son for the rest of her life. There can be no greater joy than finding a forever home for the teenager. We are sure 2018 will be a year of more happy times.