Thrift Shopping Tips

Source: Pixabay

Have you ever been to a thrift shop? Heard that song from Macklemore a few years ago and felt inspired? Maybe you’ve heard about people who buy things for cheap and then sell them on sites like eBay. Or perhaps you just want some cool cheap things for your home or to add to your wardrobe. Here are some thrift shopping tips.

  1. Have a plan in mind when you shop. Go with a list of things you want and need. Do not just buy random things you might not use or sell.
  2. Do your research. Your smartphone is a great tool. You can look up the worth of items and if they are worth buying for resale. It might also help you determine if an item is legit or a knock off.
  3. Know the best places to shop. Sometimes the prices at major resale shops are not that cheap. Know about small locally owned shops where you might get a better deal. Also, don’t forget Craigslist and also Facebook groups. Sometimes you can find great items for free just because the person can’t be bothered with selling.
  4. Set a budget. Sometimes I see these great name brand purses at Goodwill but for a little more I could just buy them new. Know when to walk away.
thrift shopping tips
Source: Pixabay
  1. Get Creative. Look at how an item could be prettier with a little paint or how a great frame could get a new piece of art and look awesome in your living room. Don’t just take things at face value.
  2. Make friends with associates. They might let you know about sales coming up or awesome items that just came in.
  3. Make sure you can bring it home. Large furniture might not fit in your vehicle, or you might need help to lift it. Also, measure your space in your house. Don’t buy furniture that doesn’t fit in your home.
  4. Haggle for a discount. Sometimes you can get something cheaper if it has some damage. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

Going to the thrift store and getting something really unique at a great price is a lot of fun. You can also decide to make it your full-time job. Either way, it pays to shop smart.