Woman Takes on Train Trying to Save Cell Phone

Technology is awesome! There is a gadget for just about everything. The problem is that some people have become addicted to the devices that make our lives easier. That was definitely the case early last month when a Brooklyn woman was hit by a train while retrieving her cell phone off of subway tracks.

Woman vs train subway cell phone
Source: Pexels

Her conversation was just that important to her.

Chanelle Agnew was chattering away on the Bergen Street subway platform when her phone slipped out of her hands. She must have been having a serious conversation because she jumped down on the tracks to get it back as the train was pulling in to the station. Yes, people, we are not kidding you.

The woman went on the tracks after her phone even though she saw the subway was approaching.

The train operator saw Agnew on the tracks, but could not stop the train. There was a thud as the train made contact and the conductor was unsure if the not-to-bright woman survived the impact. He immediately got out of to see if she was okay and when he looked under the subway, and there she was, clutching her phone.

Woman jumps on subway tracks to get cell phone
Source: Pressreader

Luckily, Agnew was not seriously hurt and EMS quickly arrived to provide aid for her minor injuries. As she was wheeled into an ambulance, she continued to talk on her cell phone. As a matter of fact, the woman was calling friends and family members to inform them of what just happened to her.

May we offer some advice to anyone that is addicted to their cell phone or any other distracting device? No phone conversation or phone is worth your life. We suggest putting down the phone when you are in areas of heavy traffic (vehicle or foot) and never risk your life to retrieve your phone.

A phone can be replaced, your life cannot.