I Almost Ran Over My Toddler - I’m Lucky I Didn’t Kill Him!

I like to keep my family safe. That’s why I recently decided to upgrade to a big SUV. It’s strong, accident-resistant, and I feel like a large car will do better if we ever get in an accident. Plus, I really wanted a truck!

This thing came with all bells and whistles. Heated leather seats, premium speakers, back-up camera, lift kit, giant tires, you name it, I got it!

While bargaining for the truck, the former owner kept talking about the parking sensors he installed. He’s fairly old and it’s a big truck, I understand why he was raving over them. But to me, it was nothing but a cheap toy.

I’m a safe driver, and I’m extra-careful when I drive with my kids in the car. I live in a suburb. We have a house with a garage and a curved driveway that goes to the street.

Whenever I pull out, I carefully look all over. I look backwards, to the sides, and I check all the mirrors. Then I slowly pull out.

But a few weeks ago, I almost had something happen that could have destroyed my life. I ALMOST RAN OVER MY SON.


Earlier in the day, I picked up a new chair at IKEA.

When I got home, I pulled all the way up into the driveway so that it would be easier to unload the chair. We had some other boxes in the car, so I brought them into the house as well.

Then I stacked and discarded the boxes next to the garbage bin.

I ate lunch inside, checked my emails, and then I decided to run a few more errands.

I got into the SUV, looked all over, checked the mirrors and back-up camera then started to slowly back up out of the driveway.

That’s When I Heard An Ear-Piercing Ring From My Phone!

“It Sounded Like A Fire Alarm, But 10X Louder & More Disruptive”

I slammed on the brakes, and got out of the SUV.

I looked up and saw my wife in shock. Her face was white as a ghost, and I saw one of the empty boxes partially crumpled under the rear wheel of the SUV.

She ripped the box apart and pulled our two year old son out of the box.

He was crying and scared, but luckily, he was unhurt.

He had taken one of the empty boxes and put it behind the car to play “making a fort”.

He put the box so close to the rear of the SUV that it was hidden from the rear view mirrors, and even invisible when I looked out the window.

When I backed out, I just did not see him. I easily could have killed him, but luckily my the old man’s sensor saved my son!

What just happened had scared me to death! I could never let this happen again!

I Had To Thank This Old Man For Saving My Family

The next day I called explained to what had happened and to apologize for ignoring his rant about the sensors.  I also asked him where I find another one of these devices for my wife’s car. He sent me a Amazon link but the one he purchased didn’t have the best reviews…

I spent the next three days checking out all the similar devices online. I read all the reviews and I checked all the internet comments. I found the positive reviews for FenSens were the highest, and the price was extremely reasonable for the quality of the product.

“FenSens” stands for “FENDER SENSOR”, and that’s exactly what it is.

When you start your car, you turn on the app, and it shows you exactly if any objects might be blocking you. It will detect other cars, dangerous objects, and of course, small kids who might be hidden in the front or back of your car.

It’s a lifesaver! Here are some other features I found from my research.

Here’s My Experience With FenSens!

1) I ordered online and got it in 5 days.

2) I read the instructions, and easy-peasy, installed it in about 15 minutes.

3) I turned it on with the “Quicklaunch” button, and I saw a clear, accurate display on my phone. Amazing!

4) I replicated the near accident with my son (of course, he was not in the box!). But I put a box at the back of my wife’s car where it was hidden from my view, and started to back up.

5) Immediately, the phone sounded an alarm and I saw a visual display! I would never come close to running over a kid or a dog in my driveway again!


My wife and I also love FENSENS because it really helps with parking too! It prevents you from hitting another vehicle and you can easily park in tight spaces.

There’s no longer any risk of hitting another car and possibly facing $3,000, $4,000, or more in accident damage.

We both feel safer and more in control of our lives.


FENSENS has been reviewed favorably by dozens of magazines and websites. The best place to order is here

It’s the official site. And luckily, there is a huge discount offer going on this week where you can get a really low promotional price.

They want to get FenSens into the hands of as many drivers a possible, so grab this super-low offer while it lasts!

From now on, have peace of mind, get protection from expensive car damage, and most of all, protect the life of kids and pets!