Boy Donates Hair for Cancer Victims and Gets Cancer Himself

It’s unimaginable to think that an innocent child can get cancer. But, the deadly disease if affecting kids in several shapes and forms, from brain cancer to bone cancer. There are over 300,000 cases of childhood cancer diagnosed annually. There are also some incredible kids who want to help their peers with cancer by volunteering to raise money, donating their hair, and more. That’s exactly what Torrin Breneman did. The healthy 4th grader decided he’d grow out his hair until he grew it long enough to cut it and donate to a child with cancer who needed a wig.

The Unthinkable Happened

Boy with childhood cancer
Source: Bill Branson via Wikimedia Commons

Ironically, Torrin was diagnosed with cancer only six months after he finally had enough hair to donate to Wigs for Kids. Fortunately, Torrin’s cancer was caught in its early stages. But, not before it had already spread to several of his organs. He was left to undergo chemotherapy, an intense treatment that’s incredibly rough on adults, let alone young kiddos.

Strangely, though, Torrin’s case isn’t the only of its kind. Other parents have had to face similar circumstances with their kids who tried to help others out, only to get the terrible disease themselves.

Is it a Premonition of What’s to Come?

Beat childhood cancer
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Vinny Desautels also decided to grow his hair long to donate for kids with cancer. Just a few weeks after he was able to make a donation, he was diagnosed with cancer. Torrin’s mom said that she read about several other kids going through something similar.

In a way, it’s almost as if these kids could sense what would happen in their future. Is it the universe’s (or a higher being’s) way of getting the kids involved in what would soon be their reality? Maybe it was a way to ease them into the world of cancer without making an abrupt jump. Not that any amount of “easing” will ever make the situation better for the child or parent.

Fortunately, though, the families seem to find solace in the fact that their children have such good hearts. And, it seems that their acts of kindness help them through their own tough situation. It likely gives them peace of mind that they, too, can overcome their cancer. If nothing else, hopefully their selfless acts will show other kids how important it is to help their peers when they’re the most vulnerable.