The Importance of Passive Income When You Have Chronic Illness

chronic illness
Source: Pixabay

If you live with chronic illness, it may be hard to work 40 hours a week. You may need to take more days off than most. You may need a wider window for finishing client work. Know your limits and set realistic expectations with your clients. You don’t necessarily need to get specific, just give an open time frame so they know what to expect. Freelancing as someone with chronic illness is definitely possible, but diversifying your income is important as well.

There are many benefits of passive income. You can only take on so many clients based on the amount of time you are able to work. With passive income, you can earn money while you sleep on autopilot.

Things like affiliate income and digital products are good for this. They may require work up front, but if you nurture them they will make you money for a long time to come. These are blog trends that are going on now, but things are always evolving and it is important to read and research the latest ways to make money online.

Chronic illness
Source: Pixabay

You will definitely at the very least need a web site, and on the website you can host a blog which provides not only a portfolio but an income stream. You’ll probably have services like freelance writing, but also perhaps courses teaching skills you have already learned. You can recommend programs and services you have used as an affiliate. Make sure you only recommend services you have used and trust. You can also consider products on demand, if you have any skills in art and graphic design. There are many companies that provide this service that integrate with your website or a Shopify store, as well as the crafting giant Etsy.

Diversifying your income can be difficult at first and is something I am personally working on. Client work is great and it has really helped me, but I also would like to prepare for the future. Passive income is not a myth, it is real, and you should pursue it if you have chronic illness.