Snapchat Surgery Proves Snapchat is For More Than Just Selfies

Snapchat spectacles are among the hottest items on the market this holiday season. But, they are for more than just recording that great party you went to last night or goofing off with friends. A doctor in England recently showed that the glasses can be used to change how the world of medicine is viewed. How? With the world’s first Snapchat surgery.

Spectacle basics

Snapchat Spectacles are glasses that allow users to record 10-second video clips while wearing them. Think about all of those times you wanted to capture something you saw, but by the time you grabbed your phone out of your pocket, the moment had passed. Spectacles make it possible to capture thing in the moment wherever you are.

Videos are recorded by tapping the side of the glasses. They are added to a user’s Snapchat Memories and can be compiled for later use.

Snapchat surgery

Dr. Shafi Ahmed used his Spectacles to record a hernia surgery at London Independent Hospital on Dec. 9. The surgery was routine, but the way it was captured provides a never-before-seen perspective for medical students on how the surgery is performed.

Highlights of the one-hour surgery are in this video. This is an actual surgery, so you may not want to watch if you are squeamish:

This is not Shafi’s first foray into documenting procedures in innovative ways. In April, he used a 360-degree camera to record a tumor removal. He said the Spectacles were easy to use during surgery and the 10-second limit made him carefully consider what to record for his students.

“The Snapchat platform is really interesting because it mimics who we are,” he told Time magazine. “It thinks on a 24-hour, short-term basis, and we, as individuals, work in short-term basis. We see things, we forget about them. Some goes into our long-term memory, but most of it, 95% of it, is all short-term.”

Spectacles are available from Snapchat’s flagship store in New York City, or at vending machines called Bots that randomly pop up in cities around the world. Each pair sells for $129.