Jack LaLanne – The Godfather of Fitness’s Last Words

Jack LaLanne, also known as “The Godfather of Fitness”, was the first man in America dedicated to promoting physical fitness in the country. He believed that the health of America as a country was only as good as its own physical culture and education. And with this vision, he strove to make America healthy through fitness and nutrition. All of this long before “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”, juice cleanses, and kale. Unfortunately, Jack LaLanne passed away in 2011. A nutrition expert for life, what were Jack LaLanne’s last words?

Jack LaLanne’s Life

Jack LaLanne was born in San Francisco, California, and was self-described as addicted to sugar and junk food. At age 15, after suffering years with a violent temper and bulimia, he listened to a speech by Paul Bragg, who was himself ahead of his time in giving lectures as a food and nutrition expert. After hearing this, his life, previously ruled by Coca-Cola and Fritos, changed forever. He turned from an fast-food junkie to an exercise junkie.

He moved on to write books and even open up the first gyms in America and even became a household name on television, with his own exercise show. He paved the way for exercise machines, designing numerous weight machines and pulley systems. If you’ve put in some painful hours at the gym using weights, he’s the one that you can thank/blame. His show, The Jack LaLanne show, also paved the way to the modern exercise show. So if you’ve gone through the entire Richard Simmons video collection, he’s also the guy to thank/blame. The show ran until 1985.

Jack LaLanne’s Exercise and Diet Secrets

Jack LaLanne
Source: Wikimedia Commons

All the way up until he died at age 96, he continued to exercise and eat right. His diet and exercise secrets enabled him to accomplish many physical feats, even into old age. For instance, he was able to swim and tow over 70 boats filled with guests for an entire mile, at the tender age of 70. How did he do this?

First off, he avoided processed foods. He stuck to a diet of mainly vegetables and meat until his death, and avoided all types of drugs and tobacco. He felt that this was one of the reasons that America’s physical health had been in such steep decline. In terms of exercise, he exercised every day for over two hours. And inside sources say that he even exercised on the day of his death. Now that’s commitment!

Jack LaLanne Last Words

Jack LaLanne was an advocate for fitness until he died. His last message to the world was in his blog post, and of course, the goal was to motivate his readers as he had done in the past. Every TV episode, every book, and every public appearance he made, his main goal was to make America more fit and healthy as a whole. His last blog post ended like this:

Hope you all are keeping your New Year’s Resolutions to taking care of the most important person on this earth, YOU!!!!

We know for sure that somewhere up in heaven, Jack LaLanne is giving aerobics lessons to thousands of followers.