Valdir Segato, a Bodybuilder Obsessed With His Muscles, Risks Life

Valdir Segato Valdir Synthol muscles
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Big muscles are often the trademark of a bodybuilder on top of his or her game. But Brazilian muscle man Valdir Segato has taken things too far. For years he has been injecting his muscles with Synthol, an oil made up of fatty acids, painkillers, and alcohol. Some people do not care what they do to their bodies.

So, when it is used correctly, the drug gives the impression of muscle growth, which is why a bodybuilder would be interested in the drug. But if you do not perform the injections correctly, you run the risk of developing an infection that can lead to death. Segato has injected himself to get his biceps to measure 23 inches and his chest, 47 inches.

Since the drug can be purchased at a pharmacy and is not illegal, he doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong. The bodybuilder grew up in poverty and was taunted and teased for his small size, he decided to change his life. He is no longer picked on for his small stature. Now when he walks down the streets, people talk about his huge muscles.

And, that’s not necessarily a good thing.


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The thing about bodybuilding that makes it so interesting is the fact that true bodybuilders work hard to train and lift weights to build and sculpt their bodies. Injecting your body with substances (legal or illegal) is a form of cheating and really doesn’t earn you the respect you would get from building your muscle mass without medicinal assistance. Not to mention, prolonged Synthol use can leave a bodybuilder with deformed muscles, nerve damage, infections, and can permanently prevent your natural muscles from developing.

Regardless of how good he believes he looks now, we seriously doubt Valdir Segato has thought about the long-term effects Synthol will have on his body. He truly feels he looks amazing.