Dealing With Mental Illness in College

mental illness
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Going to college can be really overwhelming. You may be just out of high school starting out on your own for the first time, or you might be a non-traditional student trying to juggle a family and work with your studies. When you add any kind of mental health issue to this equation things can get really tough. I know this from personal experience of trying to get an education with a severe mental health disability. It can be hard but it is not impossible. Here are some tips.

Find out who your support system is. For me, this is mostly my husband and my nurse practitioner that handles my medication. You might make new friends on campus and can let them know about you and your issues. Someone who might notice when you aren’t “okay” is definitely good to have in your corner. Sometimes we take on too much and need someone to tell us to take a break.

Source: Pixabay

Learn about what help is available to you on campus. There are usually therapy services you can utilize. If your disability is out of their scope, they can refer you to someone else outside of the university. If you are not doing well, you need to tell someone you need help.

Keep a journal. You should be recording your moods and also possibly keep track of what you are eating to make sure you are getting proper nutrition. A planner will also really help you keep track of assignments and what you need to get done to maintain your GPA.

Don’t take on too much at once. Try to avoid taking too many classes and overwhelming yourself if possible. At the very least, try to avoid taking all classes that will have a ton of work and studying required in one semester. Balance it out.

Utilize self-care. Making sure you have some time for yourself. Write it in your planner and schedule it. Try binging on Netflix or taking a hot bath. Make time to relax.