Activated Charcoal: Can You Eat It, Too?

Activated Charcoal burger

Activated charcoal has become one of the biggest beauty trends in recent years.  Unlike the charcoal you use to barbecue chicken and burger patties, activated charcoal is carbon processed.  This means its absorption qualities are next-level.  It pulls out dirt and bad bacteria from your skin.  It’s a powerful teeth whitening agent, though it has some long-term side effects.  It’s even used as an air purifier.

But just one month into the new year, activated charcoal has shown up in an unlikely place—our food.  We’re in the midst of a black food renaissance.  There’s black ice cream, black bread, black everything.  And many of these foods use charcoal as their primary ingredient.

While there’s proof that this charcoal variety can clean your skin and teeth, eating it is a different story.  Should you trust it?