Green Surprise in Wendy’s Fries: WEED Fries Terrifies Mother

Wendy’s Fries: Now With Extra Weed

On Tuesday, Dezeray Risner from Springfield, Ohio claims that her four year old received a surprise with her Wendy’s fries. She visited her local Wendy’s after picking up her kids and passed them their food without another thought. But it wasn’t long until her daughter was complaining of something gross being in her food.

The mother told her to spit it out in her hand because she was still driving. When she brought it back to the front seat she was able to get a better look at what her daughter was calling “nasty”. Upon this closer examination there was what smelled and looked like weed and a cigarillo in her fries. This four old was munching on someone’s blunt!


As any concerned mother would, Dezeray called the Wendy’s and says that the manager laughed and told her to bring in fries in question. Appalled, she has since filed a complaint with the police department.

Officers went to the Wendy’s location but failed to find any weed on any of the workers. They also said it would be extremely hard to prove that the marijuana in question actually came from Wendy’s. Because of this Dezeray has received some heat over the matter. Some are accusing her of putting the weed in her own child’s meal.

Regardless, Wendy’s has since said that they will be performing a full investigation into this case.

Receiving weed in your child’s French fries is easily a parent’s worse nightmare. Especially when you are just looking to get them a quick meal during their busy schedules. For others though, receiving weed in your order of Wendy’s fries sounds like a herb enthusiast’s day dream. This Wendy’s in Ohio may even experience some extra foot traffic because of the incident.

This isn’t the only example of something being in someone’s food that shouldn’t be there. And it definitely isn’t the worst thing that has showed up unexpectedly.

Could be worse!

Jared Cook, the tight end for the Green Bay Packers, recently found a chicken head in his order of wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. The now viral photo captured quite a bit of attention and Buffalo Wild Wings addressed the problem immediately.

They said it was because of the freshness of the chicken, meaning yes it was a chicken head. But apparently its supposed to be a good sign that its in the food (?). This occurred earlier this month and also on a Tuesday. Bet you will rethink where you want to spend Sunday watching the game.

Would you rather have a chicken head or weed in your food? No one ever found an animal head or weed in a Jamba Juice though, so I think we’ll stick to my smoothies!