Nix the Weight Gain: These Are the Healthiest Foods to Eat This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is notorious for derailing the average American’s weight loss goals. It’s the official start of the holiday season, kickstarting the inevitable weight gain most of us face during the holidays.

What if I told you there was a way to avoid this – and that not everything you put on your plate was going to add another inch to your waistline? The following Thanksgiving staples are actually good for you and your weight, so enjoy!


Healthy cranberry sauce
Source: pinguino k via Flickr

Cranberries are one of the healthiest foods for Thanksgiving that you can put on your plate. But, there’s a catch. The canned and overly-sweetened varieties tend to take some of the health benefits away from this superfood.

If you’re going to include cranberries in your meal, try to use fresh cranberries with as little sugar added as possible. Cranberries are filled with fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. And, they have only about 45 calories per cup, making them good for your overall health and your diet.