Raw Water: A Controversial New Approach to Staying Healthy

Water has gone through a sort of renaissance in recent years.  The 2010s have seen the rise of electrolyte water, alkaline water, and flavored fitness water (i.e. Propel).  Even Boxed water is a thing.  But no one could have predicted the latest trend: raw water.

The term raw water seems odd, given water isn’t a food that gets cooked and pumped full of preservatives.  You’d be forgiven for thinking all water is essentially raw.  However, there’s more to this than meets the eye.

What is raw water?

raw water natural environment
Credit: CC0 license

Raw water naturally occurs in the environment.  Water from the local pond, lake, or spring is considered raw.  This water has not been treated to remove any minerals, which could be a good thing.  But it also hasn’t been treated to remove parasites and bacteria, which is definitely a bad thing.

The company reaping most of the benefits from the raw water movement is Live Water.  The company claims to have found the freshest spring water source available, and sells its water for $27 per liter.