Vegan Mom Feeds Infant Son Inadequate Diet, Nearly Kills Him

A young vegan mom faces charges for child endangerment after failing to feed her son a proper diet. Elizabeth Hawk resides in Pennsylvania, but could soon find herself residing in prison. She recently gave birth to a son, and now he is 11 months old. Hawk now faces charges and the case will be heard on November 14th.

Vegan Mom Takes it Too Far

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After a period of breastfeeding her son, Elizabeth Hawk turned to a diet of fruits and nuts. From this, the child began developing symptoms because of the diet. These symptoms included loss of motor control and severe rashing. She blamed allergic reactions, but her sister in law and separated husband would have none of it. Her husband, Brandy, decided to take matters into his (and child services’s) hands. Child and Youth Services then transferred the boy to hospital.

How Do You Like Them Apples?

At the hospital, the doctor could tell right away what happened. A lack of nutrition, purely due to the diet, was to blame. Nothing to do with allergies, and nothing to do with the bad luck. It was so bad that the child could not even use his hands. If the child continued on with this diet, he would likely have poor development and fall behind his peers. The child is now with his father, and is expected to recover. So far, he’s doing just fine. Hopefully, he will make a full recovery and become a strong, active boy. If he’s healthy enough, maybe he can even take over for the New England Patriot’s quarterback position in the future.

Proper Diet Guide For Vegan Moms

Nutritionists do not want to scare parents away from raising vegetarian children, but do caution them on proper dieting. For instance, they recommend soy-based infant formula after breastfeeding for at least a year. After this, babies can move onto soy products from the local Costco or other grocery store. Supplements of Vitamin B-12, Zinc, and Vitamin D may be required as the children age. However, mothers should always check in with doctors to find out what would be best for their children.

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Vegetarian children can move onto solids around 7-8 months. Protein-rich foods include beans and tofu. The big takeaway, though, is to make sure that your baby is kept eating healthy. They deserve the best. The last thing you would want is for your child to end up in the emergency room.