7 Great Reasons to Take a Bath

You work hard every day. Sometimes you want to pamper yourself. You might decide to have a bubble bath with a nice glass of wine and some candles. You may not even need a reason. But are their benefits to having a bath besides the obvious? Yes! Let me share some of the reasons to indulge in that bubble bath!

  • Hot water increases circulation. This is great for sore muscles and stiff joints. If you are sore, soaking in the tub can really help.
  • Hydrotherapy can even help headaches, stomach pain, depression, anxiety, and nerve pain. You don’t need to leave your house, you can do it right at home in your own tub!
  • Hot water opens up the pores and helps release toxins. Consider using apple cider vinegar, Epsom salt, or baking soda in the bath. There are plenty of recipes online you can follow for this.
  • You can improve sleep by taking a bath an hour before bed. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep while still in the bath.
  • You can calm your mind. Relax, listen to music or read a book while taking a bath. It can really take you to another place and make you forget your troubles for awhile.
  • You can help you weight loss goals. If you have diabetes, soaking in a hot tub can help reduce sugar and glucose levels, according to a recent study.
  • You can moisturize your skin. When skin is damp, it’s better able to absorb moisturizing products than when it is dry. The best time to moisturize is right after you bathe.
Reasons to take a bath.
Source: Pixabay

For these reasons, you’ll want to take baths regularly. It’s a great way to get clean, but also to relax and get some added benefits. Self-care is important for your body and mind. You may want to add a frequent bath to your routine. It can’t hurt, so why not try it?