Sleep Better: How to Get a Good Night’s Rest

Feeling rundown, depressed, or exhausted? A lack of sleep could be to blame. Getting enough sleep every night renews your energy, health, and overall happiness. Here are some tips to sleep better and start getting more sleep every night:

1. Exercise

large men exercising

Exercising at some point during the day helps you sleep better at night. If you sit at your desk all day, you may feel restless when it’s time for bed. On the other hand, getting out to stretch your legs at some point during the day goes a long way toward helping you sleep better. If you can’t make it to the gym, go for a short walk around your neighborhood just before bed. Or walk for ten minutes on your lunch break at work. Even a ten minute walk goes a long way.

2. Establish a routine

setting bedtime routine
Source: Easy Health Options

Going to bed at a different time every night confuses your body. If you try to get to bed at around the same time every night, you’ll find it easier to fall asleep. If you have to, set a reminder on your phone so you’ll remember to start getting ready for bed at a certain time. Waking up at the same time every morning is also part of establishing a sleep routine.

3. Adjust your variables

waking up from sleep
Source: RAF Mildenhall

Sometimes, the reason you’re not getting enough sleep is because your room is too loud or too bright, or your mattress is too hard, or too soft. In order to sleep longer and more deeply, you may need to invest in ear plugs or a fan. Maybe you need curtains to block out the sun in the morning. Or maybe you already have curtains but they aren’t thick enough. There are lots of ways to adjust the variables so you get the sleep you need. Buy a sleep mask, or something that makes white noise. In some drastic cases, you may even need to move to a different room. It’s a pain, but not getting the sleep you need to function properly is even more of a pain.

Few things in life are more important than getting enough sleep. Once you establish a sleep routine for yourself and start sleeping longer and more deeply, you’ll feel the benefits. Wake up to a happier, healthier you!