How to Stay Productive When You Are Depressed

When someone suffers from Depression, they may struggle at work, school, and keeping up with activities of daily living. If you have Depression, make sure you let your doctor know so you can work on a solution. But what if you have things you have to get done while you are Depressed? Here are some tips that may help:

Do the work in small time blocks. Work for fifteen minutes, then take a break. You may find you get in the groove and don’t have to stop. But if you do, that’s okay, you can start chipping away at the task at hand.

Offer yourself a reward for getting the job done. You need to take care of yourself and put yourself first! Most people are more motivated when they know they will be rewarded at the end, including those with Depression. Consider a way to treat yourself when the task is done.

Source: Pixabay

Try going outside. Walk down the street, or up and down your driveway. Go for a drive. Get some sun! Even just sitting in your front yard can help with a change in atmosphere.

Change your expectations of what you want to get done. Set the bar a little lower. If you are Depressed and have a to-do list a mile long, there’s probably no way you are going to get everything done. Pick one thing and do it, and see where that takes you. Try to get the most important things done first and worry about the rest later.

Learn some coping skills. If you are in therapy, you can work on this with your therapist. Try taking a pen and notebook and writing down all the things that make you happy or everything that you are grateful for. Refer to this list often to cheer yourself up.

Use positive self-talk. Try to turn around negative thoughts. When you say something negative about yourself, try to turn it around and say something positive instead. This can be hard to do at first if you are Depressed, but it gets easier and really helps. Also, try looking up motivation quotes on Pinterest.

Take these tips to help you to be more productive. In the end, it’s your mental health that matter.