Stress – Sometimes All You Can Change Is You

Everyone Remain Calm!

So your doctor advises you to reduce your stress level for better health. Or maybe you just want to be proactive and ward off illness. Good for you! Simply by reflecting upon the subject, you are taking the first step in caring for yourself.

Sometimes the only thing we can change is our attitude.

In one sense, stress is unavoidable. It is all around us. As you consider the elements of your personal and professional life, there may be little you can immediately do to change the influencing factors in your outward circumstances—your stressors. However, there is always something you can do to change your response to those circumstances. And ultimately, life is how you see it.

Take a little time every day for the most powerful investment you can ever make in life—yourself.

Techniques for dealing with stress:

  • Just Breathe

Deep, relaxing breathing has been proven to reduce stress and promote all-over healing. Watch your abdomen—not your chest—rise upon inhalation and fall upon exhalation. Slow each breath down and clear your mind.

deep breathing to reduce stress
Source: Pixabay
  • Go to Your Happy Place

Going to your own personal happy place is what I teach my children when they have trouble sleeping. It also works well for calming anxiety and stress. Envision a Grecian coastline of azure waves lapping a cavernous shore beneath white stuccoed dwellings. Imagine laying spread out next to your partner on a private white-sanded beach, listening to the sounds of the ocean and the keows of the seagulls. Or, let your mind’s eye see yourself playing with a litter of puppies in a grassy field on a summer’s day.

stress-reducing picture
Source: Pixabay
  • Listen to Peaceful Music

Many studies have been done citing the significant effects of music on the mind and body. Music affects emotion. There are professional Music Therapists that work melodies into healing. Classical music stimulates brain development. Smooth jazz, instrumentals, and mellow songs can create a peaceful environment. Maybe you will discover a new indie band or a Celtic singer that will bring calm tunes into your space.

Happy Low Stress Music Calm
Source: Max Pixel

Once you make a daily habit of adopting these kinds of techniques to keep your stress down, you can start to implement them in real time stressful situations. So the next time life throws you into a potentially stressful position, incorporate a technique into that moment.  You may not be able to remove the stressful thing or stressful person, but you can change the effect it/she has on you. And attitude makes all the difference.

And if all else fails, and squeezing that stress ball doesn’t help, just throw it at someone.