How to Survive the Thanksgiving Slump

If you’re like most Americans, you went back to work Monday with a few extra pounds in tow.  Yahoo predicts most people consume somewhere between 4,000-5,000 calories on Thanksgiving Day alone.  This leads to 2-4 pounds of weight gain.  It’s likely to equal more if the overeating continues all weekend.  For many, this is just the start of a holiday downward spiral.  Let’s call it the Thanksgiving slump.

Thanksgiving slump dinner and drinks
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Between now and the end of the year, you’ll chow down on Christmas cookies and pies.  And you’ll have your fair share of eggnog.  All the while, you’ll probably feel a little sluggish.  A little less motivated to do your best work as you look forward to an extended year-end break.

But there’s good news here.  The Thanksgiving slump doesn’t have to be your story.  You can redirect your energy, or at least do some damage control and end the year on a high note.