Ways to Help With Depression

Source: Pixabay

If you have depression it is really easy to feel overwhelmed. I personally have depression and when it is at its worst I have a hard time overcoming it. I have done some research on the subject though for things to try the next time I am dealing with it. Here are some of the suggestions I have found.

  • Love yourself. This is easier said than done. No one is perfect. You might have things you don’t like about yourself that you can’t change. For that, you are going to have to learn acceptance. For the things you can change, like weight, which I struggle with, try to make a plan on how to change it. Change takes time though, so accept who you are today, and work on a better you.
  • Take any prescribed medications. Don’t mess with your meds unless the changes are by your doctor and you are under a doctor’s care.
  • Meditation. Your can find guided meditations for beginners on YouTube.
Source: Pixabay
  • Move. You don’t have to go to the gym. Try going for a walk. I find this really clears my head and I feel good that I got some excercise.
  • Go to your therapy appointments. I know for me, when I am doing bad, I am more likely to miss therapy, when that is the best time for me to go. If you don’t have a therapist, make some calls and try to get one.
  • Self-care. Even the very basics, like taking a shower, are hard with depression. You’ll feel so much better though if you force yourself to do it.

Depression is an awful thing to deal with. If you feel like you might have undiagnosed depression, definitely seek out medical care and professional advice. These tips might help you, but the first steps are between you and your doctor.