Ways to Improve Your Mental Health This Weekend

Mental health
Mental health

Weekends are a great time to recharge from work or school all week long. I love the weekend, I get to spend more time with my husband and my birds. Are you finding you aren’t getting enough out of your time off? Here are some ways to improve your mental health this weekend.

Meditate. Mediation has a lot of mental health benefits and will help you feel more relaxed. You can find guided meditations on YouTube that are easy for a beginner.

Write in a journal. Journaling can really help you focus on solutions to any worries or problems. For me, its easier to write it out and think about a solution. You can also bullet journal, if writing isn’t your thing.

Take a bath. I live in an apartment that only has a shower, and I miss taking baths so much! If you can make it a good scent and relax.

Make a list of gratitude. Sometimes it’s good to acknowledge what we are thankful for. Get down to the basics, like the roof over your head and the food you eat. It’s easy to take things for granted.

Exercise. This doesn’t have to be the gym. Go for a walk and clear your head.

Mental health
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Take the day off. Just take a break from everything and rest. Consider staying off social media as well.

Talk to someone. This can be a therapist, a friend, your spouse, or someone you are friends with online.
Get creative. Make some art. If you aren’t artistic, try a coloring book.
Plan out the next month in your planner. If you don’t have a planner you should consider getting one. I keep track of my class schedule, work schedule, doctors appointments, and my budget all in one place.

Try some of these tips this weekend and look forward to a more productive week and a better frame of mind. Even small changes can have great results if you find what works for you.