A Guide to Dropping Your First Child Off at College

Kid moves out of college
Source: Flickr

Your first child is going to college, and you couldn’t be prouder.

It means you did something right. You taught your child the importance of getting an education. You told them to follow their dreams and work hard to succeed. Over the years, you had your doubts about whether or not you were a successful parent. But now it seems all those anxieties and late nights have paid off. Your child has chosen a great school. And you’re having fun planning their dorm life, helping them decide what to pack, where to live, and which classes to enroll in. You may enjoy visiting the college and meeting the faculty and your child’s future roommates.

Then, all at once, it’s time for your son or daughter to take the leap into college life. And time for you to go back home. Suddenly the whole college thing doesn’t seem like such a good idea to you. You hadn’t realized leaving your kid behind (or being left behind by your kid – depending on how you look at it) would be so hard. What are you going to do?

Here are some suggestions for first-time parents of college students. Hopefully, they’ll help ease you through the parent-child separation process.