Ways to Get Past Mental Fatigue

Mental Breaks

There was an office job I used to do that I didn’t particularly care for. Every afternoon I would get stuck in the 3 o’clock slump of mental fatigue and sleepiness. There was a lot of pressure at that job to be glued to your workstation constantly and rules about not leaving your desk, even for a bathroom break unless it took place during your scheduled break time. The managers were trained to be guard dogs, sniffing around for residue of infractions and imposing harsh penalties.

It wasn’t a happy environment for my co-workers and me for many reasons.

What I learned from that job is that mental breaks in work are just as important as physical rest is to the body.

Who hasn’t found themselves stuck in the 3 o’clock slump? That is your mind telling you to take more breaks. Sometimes we put it on ourselves to feel we must be glued to our workstations constantly to be effective.

Rather, research shows we are more effective when we take a few short breaks during the day. Get up and stretch and go get a healthy drink every hour or so or consider the Pomodoro Technique for accomplishing tasks.

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Stress and Psychological Issues

Collected data would suggest more than half of fatigue cases are due to psychological issues. Although depression resides chiefly among those issues, job burnout, trauma, caring for an elderly or handicapped loved one, and psychological distress are cited as major contributors to persistent fatigue.

We all have to work on keeping our stress in check habitually. Experiment until you find the things that make you feel better and take the weight off. Take time for you by securing your own oxygen mask first. And remember the importance of attitude.

Lifestyle Issues

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Is your job too stressful or leaving you unfulfilled? Is your relationship making you unhappy?

Is your lifestyle not conducive to well-being?

See a doctor and have your bloodwork done. Maybe you have a thyroid problem, low blood sugar or a vitamin B deficiency. Find other medical professionals to help you. Maybe you need a counselor to help you work through anxiety, a personal trainer to motivate you to exercise, or a dietician to help you meal plan for healthy living.

Train yourself to relax. Yoga is great for that mind-body-spirit relaxation. Read or listen to self-help books on the topics you need to improve your life. Take breaks when you feel tired. Lay down for a few minutes and rest, or stand up from your desk and go for a brief walk or take a stretch.

The business of our current lifestyles has everyone running around to do more, be more and run around hectic.

Whatever you need personally, no one else has to know about, taking care of yourself is more important. Perhaps best of all, laugh and have fun, it boosts your energy!