National Geographic Addresses a Revolution in New Issue

The newest National Geographic issue is starting 2017 off with a bang! While you won’t be able to pick up your copy until next week, the cover is already being hotly disputed. The newest Nat Geo’s cover features their first transgender individual ever, Avery Jackson. She sits proudly on the front cover, dressed in pink from head to toe. Her expression says that nothing can stop her now.

The National Geographic Response

After the cover and topic of the newest issue was released, thousands have taken to social media to express their opinions. These range from encouragements to hatred. Some have even promised that they will never again get an issue of one of the most well known magazines. In response, National Geographic has already offered an explanation as to why they have placed their first transgender individual on their cover.

During 2016, gender issues really came into the lime light. Facebook offers nearly 50 different options for people who are looking to get their identities known. The topic of gender and how it is viewed has changed immensely in the last year alone and National Geographic feels its time to address this. The need for understanding on this issue is even more crucial as the political climate for such individuals seems unclear now.

Gender and sex is no longer determined by what chromosomes someone is born with. The Gender Revolution is being addressed in full in this issue to try and clear questions and concerns that people may have. They are examining these issues on a global and historical perspective, leaving nothing unturned.

With the issue being raised in schools, the military, and in politics, it seemed only right to National Geographic that they try to answer some tough questions. They are also trying to dispel some of the negative thoughts and feelings that some have towards transgender individuals. The only way to beat the stigma is through understanding.

Gender Revolution Issue

transgender protest
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As Avery explained in an interview, there was never a decision to make. She was spending her life dressing up as a boy for others. She didn’t want to spend her life doing the same. This issue of National Geographic features more than just Avery though. Children from around the world explain gender through their eyes; through the eyes of the future.

80 nine year olds were photographed and asked what gender means to them. The answers that were received by National Geographic ranged from transgender issues to what gender can mean for someone’s future. The issue is sure to be an incredible, enlightening read. It is hoped that the stories inside will spark up conversations about the future of the gender revolution. So many have come so far but there is still such a long way to go for thousands more.