Here’s Why Your Personality May Be Slowing Your Weight Loss

You’re either laid-back or detail-oriented. There’s not much room for anything in between. That’s where the two personality types, Type A and Type B, come into play. And, they can say a lot about how you function in just about every aspect of your life. Your weight loss goals are no exception. But do personality type and weight loss sometimes not coincide with one another?

Type A vs Type B: What’s the Difference?

Relaxing type B
Source: Pixabay

Type A and Type B are terms used to describe the two types of personalities people can have. Type A people are very organized, punctual, and ambitious. But, they can easily become borderline irritable or aggressive when things don’t go according to plan. In other words, they like things done a certain way and throwing off their plan or schedule can make them feel overwhelmed and out of control.

In contrast, Type B personalities are much more laid back. They’re the “go with the flow” type of people who don’t tend to get worked up about plans going awry. They still can work hard and be ambitious, but they don’t do so to the point of becoming stressed.

Is Your Personality to Blame for Your Weight Gain?