Having a Woman Doctor May Save Your Life

Over the years, trips to the doctor have always been marked with apprehension. While I don’t mind needles, it’s something about talking to the actual doctor that makes me anxious. This being said, its always been easier for me to talk to a woman doctor rather than a man. I always thought this was because I too am a woman. But a new study could actually have a different idea as to why that is.

A Woman Doctor Saves More Lives

Studies that have been conducted in the past have turned up some opposing results. Some have agreed that women really do just make better doctors than their male counterparts. Other studies have found that there is no real difference. The new study that was published in JAMA Internal Medicine has found, yet again, that women take the cake.

Not only do they make better doctors but having a female doctor could actually save your life. The study found that woman doctors save nearly 32,000 lives each year. The people that have gone to the doctor and had a woman also had lower mortality rates and made fewer trips back to the clinic as those who had a male doctor.

If there was a different study that found that a particular intervention or treatment plan had the same results, you better believe that it would be relayed on and that it would be implanted. The findings of this study though are still somewhat controversial.

Why a Woman Doctor?

woman doctor
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The study only revealed the numbers related to the performance of both men and women doctors. Because of that, there is no solid evidence that suggests why woman doctors may be better than males. The study does offers some guesses though. It may be because woman doctors are more likely to go by the book and to provide outside resources that allows them to be better doctors. These outside resources include preventive health care measures and outside information for the treatment.

But, these results could also be a reflection of how the patient relates to a woman doctor. Women are generally seen as more caring and this could allow for a more open relationship to develop between patient and doctor. I may not be the only one that is more likely to ask questions to a woman doctor rather than a man.

Recently the number of woman in the health care industry has been increasing. The study not only proves that they can work just as well as their male counterparts, but perhaps even better. If you are looking to get a new doctor and hope to be living a long, healthy life, you may want to schedule an appointment with the next available female doctor!