Abortion Laws Under Trump – Things Are About to Change

Before President elect Donald Trump actually won the election, health care professionals were beginning to warn women that this could create a large change for their reproductive health. After the win and after Tom Price was nominated as the secretary for Health and Human Services, the warnings have come more real. Women are being told to get their IUD’s now and to stock up on birth control. If you still don’t believe that things could be changing, it already has. Texas abortion laws are offering a look into what could happen to women’s reproductive health for the rest of the country.

New Texas Abortion Laws

Previously in Texas, any aborted fetuses were treated as medical waste. With the new laws this will start changing next month. It will now be required for the health care facilities to either bury or incinerate the remains. If they are incinerated they will then have to be buried or scattered.

In the past, the aborted fetus was seen as any other tissue that might come from the body. This is why it was considered medical waste. Instead of being buried or incinerated it would be disposed of with the rest of the medical waste that the health care facilities would acquire. Typically this would go to a sanitary landfill.

These laws are also extending to any miscarriages that may be found by a health care professional. It doesn’t reach out to anyone that has a miscarriage or abortion at home though.

Abortion Laws and Politics

The change in abortion laws was originally proposed by Gov. Greg Abbott. He wanted something to “reflect our respect for the sanctity of life” as he explained in an email in July. But opposition is saying that this measure serves no real medical benefit. It is instead imposing on Texans that are seeking an abortion.

Cremation can cost nearly $10,000 which could potentially raise the cost of any abortion that is done in Texas. Health care providers may cover the new implemented cost but nothing is known for sure.

Regardless as to whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, its hard to deny a woman has a right to her reproductive health. Not only are politicians ignoring these rights but they’re ignoring the warnings that are coming from the medical community.

For now Lawyers for the Center for Reproductive Rights will begin to combat the decision in court while citizens write letters that address their feelings towards the new rule.

  • Mara Pemberton

    Not all women go to Women’s Health Centers for abortion. They go because they are affordable. Why don’t these RIGHT TO LIFERS put their money where their mouths are and help the poor women who cannot afford to raise another child rather than make her go through a pregnancy she and her family cannot afford.