5 Dangerous Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Congratulations if you have recently discovered that you are pregnant? So what can you really expect when you are expecting? Well for starters you can expect to get advice from pretty much anyone, including strangers. Yup, you are about to become a receptacle for all kinds of weird, false, annoying and unsolicited advice concerning foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Oh the joys of becoming a public object when you become pregnant!

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I had a friend who was scolded in public by someone at a restaurant for having a beer. I guess that person hadn’t realized that they do make a thing called non alcoholic beer but I wish she had or read this expert article before deeming herself a pregnancy diet expert and then publicly humiliating my friend at her favourite restaurant! Check Please!

But the truth is that women in the first stages of pregnancy do need some advice, but I prefer to give it over the internet rather than barging up to someone while they are having a night out.

First things first, women are 20 times more likely to be affected by food-borne bacteria that can be transferred to the fetus through the placenta. So it goes without saying, when you are pregnant you have to be more careful than everyone else.

This can be hard for two reasons:

  1. Some of the most yummy food can be the most dangerous;
  2. In this day and age food induced illness is rare so you might feel like you’ve got it covered but let me tell you, the risks are just too high!

Now having said that, don’t believe every piece of advice people throw at you. Do your research and do it well. You are becoming a mother, not a eighteenth century nun. You can still enjoy food, including sushi! Yes, sushi is on our list of things to avoid, but read it to find out what is safe.

Look at our 5 must read tips below and visit The Mayo clinic for even more information to help you in your pregnancy!

5 foods you need to avoid when pregnant!

Sushi and Raw Fish

5 pieces of sushi that are raw and one cooked. know which is good when you are pregnant
Cooked prawns are fine but raw fish should be avoided when pregnant.

Sushi is normally a great health choice but uncooked fish can contain listeria and must be avoided if you are Pregnant. But remember this doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate all sushi. There are tons of great choices for women who are pregnant. Definetly avoid mackerel, shark, tilefish and swordfish. Look for sushi that is fully cooked and also stay away from a lot of fish that may contain high mercury levels such as tuna.