Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Two Babies

jessica allen

A surrogate mom can provide a couple with a baby when they otherwise would not be able to have one. The little bundles of joy they bring into the world often give a family a lifetime of love and happy memories. Jessica Allen is a California woman that wanted to do just that for a Chinese couple. Since she and her husband already had two children, they made the decision to help another family.

Now, here’s where the story gets a little tricky. After being implanted with the couple’s embryo, Allen became pregnant and gave birth to twins in December 2016. The babies did not look very much alike according to the surrogate mom. One baby was Chinese and the other baby was bi-racial so it was obvious the children were not identical.

After a DNA test was done, it was determined that one of the babies was, in fact, the child of Allen and her husband. A legal battle ensued and the Chinese couple wanted the Allen’s to pay back some of the money they paid the surrogate mom. Some people can be truly ungrateful.

The Allens won custody of their son in February 2017 and he is now at home with his parents and two big brothers. Superfetation is a medical phenomenon in which a woman keeps ovulating after conceiving a baby. The babies have different ages, and in this case, different parents.

This very rare case was able to bring joy to two couples as they each were blessed with healthy, happy babies. And even though the Allens were not planning on having any more children, they are delighted to have their son as part of the family.

Surrogate mom Jessica Allen hopes that other surrogates learn from her story and consider the possibility of an additional baby when making the decision to help another couple.