Adopt a Rescue Animal or Start from Scratch

Are the kids bugging you for a pet? They’ve reached the age where they can keep their rooms clean and take out the trash, and you believe now is the time. The next big decision you have to make is whether or not to adopt an animal from a local shelter or start from scratch and raise and train a kitten or puppy.

With so many cool animals out there, it can be a tough choice. Should you put your name on a waiting list for one of those exotic cats or dogs everyone has been raving about? What about the sign you saw hanging in your local grocery store advertising puppies or kittens for sale? The possibilities are endless as to where you can find a furry friend.

Another great option to consider is pet adoption. There are numerous furry friends living in local shelters desperately seeking the love and attention of a family. If you are unsure about adopting a pet, try visiting to find all the information you need to put you at ease.

two cats up for adoption
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The site allows you to search by location, breed, age, sex, size, or color. They will also help you adopt other types of pets like turtles, guinea pigs, ferrets, and birds. There are even sections on the site dedicated to care and training of your new pet and other tips essential for new pet owners.

So while your kids jump up and down with excitement about the addition to the family, you should equip yourself with the information to make an informed decision about raising a new kitten or puppy or adopting a rescue animal.

Take your time. Do the research and make an informed decision. Those furry babies bring not only love but sleepless nights and potty training accidents. Be prepared.