Allergy Season is in Full Swing: Aaachoo!

Allergy season is here. The sun’s in the sky and there’s plenty of water leaking from your eye. You’re sneezing, coughing and covered in red blotches and hives. Your eyes are getting red from all the itching. Hopefully, the antihistamines will help you survive.

The warm weather brings out not only fun in the sun, but for some people, it brings out unbearable allergies. It’s kind of hard to enjoy yourself when your surroundings seem to be plotting your demise. What’s a person to do?

Should you fill your body with strong drugs so you can partake in a few hours of enjoyment with your family and friends? Or are you forever doomed to peer at them through the patio glass? It can be depressing. Don’t fret. There are plenty of indoor activities you can enjoy that won’t send you to the emergency room.

friends outside at a picnic
Source: Flickr

If you just want to spend time with your peeps, you can have fun without heading outdoors. It’s all about the spirit of togetherness. Let those that don’t suffer from allergies do the outdoor cooking and you can always do the prep work indoors. You can then go outside for a short time to share in the festivities and finish your evening indoors.

Family and friends that know and love you will understand and will most likely have some type of accommodations for you. Chances are, you aren’t the only one that suffers during allergy season.

Our suggestion to you is “make a plan and then plan to work around it.” Once the food and drinks start circulating, you may just forget you have allergies. No pain, no gain, right? It’s all about moderation and medication.

So now that the warm weather is upon us, don’t exclude yourself due to your allergies. Take that antihistamine and get out there and enjoy yourself.

Just don’t forget the tissues.