Animals With Down Syndrome That Will Melt Your Heart

Down syndrome (DS or DNS), or trisomy 21, is a genetic illness caused by chromosome 21. While most people are aware of this disorder among humans, many ignore the issue when it happens to innocent animals.

These animals need help. They have difficulties communicating with their fellow animals and are often left to die in agony.

How you can help animals with Down syndrome?

You can start by raising awareness! The internet — especially social media networks are today’s weapons against ignorance. By sharing these animals’ stories with your friends, you show the world the soft side of down syndrome instead of simply the confusion and misunderstanding of it. If you’re not convinced yet, just look at these poor animals’ faces and ask yourself – should we help animals with down syndrome, or just leave them vulnerable and suffering?


ape with down syndrom

A serious cutie, this orangutan is a gorgeous specimen that gains a whole new level of cuteness level with down syndrome. You can see his expressions more clearly and he is easier to fall in love with, if that’s possible, than the typical orangutan. Sure to win the “world’s cutest orangutan,” take a look at this fella and tell me he isn’t adorable.


cat with down syndrom

Cats are smart creatures by nature, but this smart looking feline has got an edge on the competition by his offset eyes and narrow nose. He is definitely the smartest of the bunch and will steal your heart with one little look. Do you dare look into those warm, addictive eyes?


dog with down syndrom

Pugs are pretty beautiful and cute as it is, but this pug with down syndrome is the perfect example of how it can enhance looks. With bigger eyes, you can’t help but get drawn into that puppy dog pout and give him whatever he wants, even if it’s your favorite food. That’s true power, right there.


tiger with down syndrom

Who can resist those beautiful stripes, offset eyes and upturned nose? It gives this majestic creature an innocent and adorable look that makes you want to go scratch him behind the ears even more than you normally would.


dolphin with down syndrom

While your typical beluga whale may be more aerodynamic and faster in the water than this lovable down syndrome whale, you’ve got to admit that you like the look of this one more. His eyes are more prominent and his smile has a certain something to it that makes you simply want to give him a big old hug… I sense this is becoming a trend.


giraff with down syndrom

No, seriously, just look at it! From its derpy smile to the lolling tongue, this giraffe is simply gorgeous and hilarious, no questions asked. With the larger mouth, you can see his eyes much better than a typical giraffe; and his large nose is just perfect for kissing if he decides to snuggle up for a bite to eat over your shoulder. How can you argue with that, huh?


horse with down syndrom

A horse is a horse, but this cute little guy is simply a sight to be seen. While his face certainly looks a little different than your average horse, it’s got a lot of good about it; a lot of character that makes him a winner in looks and attitude. He’s surely a sight you will never forget!


turtle with down syndrom
This gorgeous and aged turtle shows a lot of wisdom with his unique facial features. Down syndrome is not as easily seen in his narrow face, but his eyes are set a little wider, adding to his range of sight significantly. With a sweet little nose at the front of his head, this is one cute creature.


hamster with down syndrom

As if guinea pigs weren’t cute enough, this one is even better than imagined. With a prominent nose and large eyes that peer up at you out of the smooth and silky fur, this adorable creature with down syndrome is going to steal your heart much faster than you can imagine.


koala with down syndrom

Yup, I went there. This adorable, fluffy koala has even more enhanced cuteness levels with down syndrome. This is partially because his eyes and nose are more pronounced than before, but additionally because he has a more more innocent looking face. With a slightly downturned mouth, you can see how anyone would want to run up and simply scoop up this cutie for a big old bear hug. Just watch the claws.


donkey with down syndrom

We all know donkeys can be a little noisy at times, but this donkey with down syndrome has got a special element to his looks that makes us laugh in adoration while we shake our heads at his noise. It could be those adorable peering eyes that peek up at you, or his large and velvet nose that wiggles back and forth, but there’s just something about him that is simply irresistible.


monkey with down syndrom

Not a figure you want to run into in a dark alley (or a patch of bananas), this ferocious ape has a lot to say for himself. His expression, while different, doesn’t make him any less of a threat, and in some ways, more of one, because he expresses his thoughts perfectly in his expression. Definitely a warrior personality.


bear with down syndrom

While it’s hard to think of a grown black bear as anything other than “ferocious,” this guy gives that definition a run for its money. His rounder face gives him an immature look that returns him to his cute little black bear cub appearance that had us all cooing next to the zoo enclosure while he pranced around.


sheep with down syndrom

Okay, okay, I’m done now. This sweet sheep shows us that beauty isn’t about perfection. Beauty comes in all forms, and this guy definitely shows us that even a sheep can be hug-able if he’s cute enough.

These are just a few examples of how down syndrome is a blessing to animals. It makes them smarter, unique, and so much cuter that you’re all going to want to go out and adopt an animal with this condition. You’re welcome!