Best Online Dating Tips: Find Your Soulmate Online

I have been with my husband for almost five years. Although we lived near each other in small towns, we had never met. We met online on a dating website. I knew pretty quickly that he was the one. I had met others before him and it didn’t work out. I actually became a pro at online dating because I did so much of it! Here are some tips so you can be better at online dating and meet your soulmate.


Kardashian Selfie Secrets

Shoot a decent amount of photos, at least four to six. Include your “worst” attributes. Make sure you include a full body picture. Make sure you update them frequently. You need to actually look like your photos. If you are self-conscious, remember, the goal is to eventually meet these people, so they are going to find out what you look like anyway! I would also advise leaving your animals out of the photos. Also be aware of what types of photos you are posting and what image you are presenting. If you aren’t looking for hook ups only then you might want to avoid provocative photos.

Your Profile

Online Dating
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Don’t have a tacky user name or a desperate headline. You can be clever but don’t be cliche. Be authentic, show every side of yourself be yourself. Try to put your best qualities down but don’t lie. Be honest.

The Date

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Take your own transportation. If it doesn’t work out you don’t want to be in for an awkward ride home in his car. It’s also a lot safer. One more safety tip? You should really meet in a public place. Let other people know where you are going, as well. Leave if they talk about their money situation and ask for loans. Do not talk about your financial status right off the bat. Listen and let them do the talking so you learn what you need to know about them.

In Closing

Don’t jump into a relationship too fast. Also if it doesn’t work out and you feel burnt out from dating, do some self-care. Hang out with your friends, maybe go get your feet done or a haircut. Treat yourself.