Black Friday Fights Bring Out the Holiday Brawlers

With Thanksgiving nine days away, many people are eagerly awaiting Black Friday sales. But the Black Friday fights could be the thing that the day will be most remembered for. There’s nothing like beating the crap out of a complete stranger the day after gathering with family and friends to celebrate everything you’re thankful for.

For years, people have gathered around the dinner table, given thanks, scarfed down a delicious meal and then headed out to wreak some serious havoc at their local department stores. All in the name of saving money. Everyone loves a bargain, don’t they?

Black Friday fight. Source:
Black Friday fight.

As time goes by and technology continues to rule our lives, it’s amazing the lengths people will go to save a few dollars. The stores send out notices weeks in advance to announce the latest “deals” to allow customers time to plan for the sales. It’s shameful that many Thanksgiving dinners are used for strategic planning instead of rejoicing in time spent with loved ones.

Turn on your television sets, and there they are. Hoards of shameless humans (if you want to call them that) rolling around on the floor wrestling sale items out of each other’s hands. Need a new flat screen? No problem, if you can knock out a few strangers in the store, you’ll win the prize. You’ll leave with a shiny new set to match the black eye you just got, all at a 50 percent off savings.

Ahh. The holidays. A wonderful time of year to celebrate with your loved ones and beatdown other bargain hunters out looking for a sale. What have we become?

Giving Thanks For Black Friday Fights

We live in a world in which so many of us have so much to be thankful for. But still, we want more. It seems no one places a value on the beauty of being able to wake up each morning and have another chance to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. Nah, we’d rather have high-dollar electronics at rock bottom prices.

It doesn’t matter if there’s bloodshed, right?

This year perhaps we should try something different. A little kindness and compassion will go a long way. Let’s give all those hard working retail workers a break. Stay home.

But if you can’t, brace yourself for the madness. And the flying fists.