Carry-On Essentials and Other Travel Tips

Do you enjoy traveling? Are you trying to prepare for your next adventure? Are you visiting family? Well if you are looking to fly to your destination you may be wondering what you should pack in your carry on. I’ve included some of the best carry-on essentials to have by your side on your next trip.

What to pack in your carry-on:

Source: Pixabay
  • Laptop or Tablet, possibly with a keyboard
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Toiletries, chapstick, allergy meds, tissues, lotion, and floss
  • Medication (in case luggage gets lost)
  • Reading material
  • Headphones
  • Pencil pouch of pens and highlighters
  • Light cardigan
  • Scarf which becomes: a blanket, a shawl, a pillow, or a sarong
  • Eye mask and ear plugs in case you want to sleep or are unfortunately situated next to a wailing baby
  • Snacks (you will probably have to buy this after you go through security — don’t get in any trouble!)
  • Reusable water bottle to be filled after you pass security
  • A change of clothes in case your luggage gets lost
  • And you’ll need a comfortable large tote to pack it all in!
  • Also, if traveling with others, you can try mixing everyone’s clothes in the luggage so you still have clothes if one suitcase gets lost.

Tips for the flight

Passengers on a flight
Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Sit in the window seat if you can. If not sit, in the aisle seat.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Put fashion aside for comfort.
  • Take what you will need out of your carry-on so you won’t need to reach up and get it later.
  • Drink plenty of water, avoid soda and caffeine.
  • Use your own headphones, airline headphones are often repurposed.
  • Moisturize your face because of recycled air from the vents.
  • Try to get up every once in a while to promote good blood circulation.

Once you get there

tourists reading off maps
Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Use the TV to charge devices if traveling internationally if you don’t have an adapter. It would be best to buy one or two before leaving the country!
  • Remember to bring a power bar so that you can charge all of your devices at once.
  • Turn off roaming data if you don’t have a roaming data plan to avoid racking up unnecessary charges.
  • Keep an emergency power-bank for your phone charged and with you at all times.
  • Keep a copy of your passport and other important documents on your phone in case you lose them.

These tips will help you have a better than average traveling experience. If you travel often you’ll become a pro with these strategies and have a nicer flight. Whether visiting family or traveling around the world, you’ll want to be prepared and comfortable on your trip. I know I’ll be using these tips the next time I travel! This way you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way while traveling alone or with others.