Christmas Around the World

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Do you ever wonder how people in other parts of the world celebrate Christmas?

With all the hustle and bustle and rigmarole and rickrack ribbons, sometimes it can be easy to forget that Christmas is a religious holiday, not always recognized by governments, and often not observed by non-Christians.

Here is your continental guide to Christmas around the world!

The Continent of Asia


Christmas in China
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Although Christianity is recognized as a legal religion now in China, churches must be registered with the government. There are many restrictions imposed on the practice of Christianity and negative social consequences as well.

In China only about 1% of the population claim Christianity, so most Chinese do not even celebrate the holiday.

Here’s what it looks like for those that do celebrate Christmas in China:

  • Having a Christmas tree is not a priority, and if you have one it is made of plastic and decorated with paper crafts.
  • Most of the world’s Christmas decorations and gifts come from China, but the people making them have no idea what they are used for!
  • The tradition on Christmas Eve is to give an apple wrapped in colored paper to your friends and family.