Don’t Lose Your Precious Vacation Memories – Create a Travel Journal

Are you looking for a way to remember your travels and create a keepsake to treasure for years to come? You may want to create a travel journal. If you travel alone, your journal is your friend. You can share your discoveries and joy while traveling. It can be a private place to find yourself through writing and art. You may learn things about yourself you didn’t know.

The very first step in this process is to select what you will use.  You can do it on your laptop, online, or in a physical journal such as a Moleskine. Then make sure to bring it with you everywhere you go! Take time with what you are seeing, don’t just take pictures but mentally take in the moment.

travel journal
Source: Pixabay

Document your itinerary. Record the details of your visits to different places. Talk about people you meet, foods you eat, what you hear and smell. Talk about what you are doing day to day and how it’s different from what you would do if you were at home. Talk about thoughts and daydreams. Draw out scenes of places you visit.

Keep photos, maps, magazines, tickets, business cards, everything. Treat your journal like a scrapbook. If you are keeping your journal in digital format, take pictures of these things. Don’t leave anything out. Be completely honest and even vulnerable.

Continue to add to your journal as you travel to new places, or even do inspiration pages of where you want to go. You’ll find as you work on it, it can inspire you to do things like work overtime to go on that next trip. Experiment with your creativity, your drawing ability as well as writing and your love of travel. Be your authentic self. Share your success and failures. Do some personal growth through art. Most importantly, there is no wrong way to make a travel journal.