6 Must-Know Benefits of Dating a Single Mom

Some guys aren’t into dating a single mom. Not because the mom’s not gorgeous, funny, or cool. But because they just aren’t ready to add some kids into their lives that aren’t even theirs. (And, just to be fair – there are plenty of women who wouldn’t date a single dad, either). We can’t blame them, really. It’s just not for everyone. But, there are benefits of dating a single mom, and a few factors that make single moms totally stand out from the pack.

They’re Focused

Benefits of dating a single mom - focused
Source: Pixabay

Many people in relationships admittedly worry about their partners cheating. It’s a valid concern. But, consider the single mom. She’s busy. Really busy. She goes to work all day, picks up the kids from daycare or school, goes home, makes dinner, gets everyone bathed and ready for bed, and she’s tired enough to hit the sack not too long after. There’s no time – and likely no desire – to cheat.

She spends her weekends doing family activities. She’s focused on reading her kids a book more than she is hopping from bar to bar on a Friday night. And, she’s focused on finding an awesome man to have an important role in her life – not just a one-night stand.