Affairs Through Online Games May Be the Newest Route to Splitsville

Cheating through online games
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We don’t know where we’d be without the internet. Most of us who grew up with computers and the world wide web can’t imagine the world without them. But, the internet has also made it easier than ever for those in a relationship to cheat on each other. It’s easy to do and not-so-easy for the other partner to figure out, especially when affairs through online games happen. People can hide behind their mobile device apps and screen names on popular games to meet other people. Often, their partners are none the wiser.

Seriously…an Online Gaming Affair?

Affairs through online games
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Yes, really. The realm of online affairs reaches far beyond traditional social networking, online chats, and dating sites. Now, people are using online games to meet new people and engage in sexual acts. Sometimes, the gamers keep their relationships 100% virtual, meeting up with each other at in-game locations. Other times, they use the games as a way to exchange information and meet each other in real life.

According to, World of Warcraft and Second Life are two games that have become popular for online affairs. The games were never intended to become a place for virtual affairs. But, apparently, when an opportunity arises, people catch on quickly. Both games offer ways for people to chat with each other in-game. Sometimes, it leads to online or real-life affairs, both emotional and physical.

Is It Really Cheating if It’s Virtual?

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Some may think that an online affair is harmless. The chances of people who talk to each other in-game meeting in person are slim. Plus, there’s no physical contact – so is it really cheating?

It’s important to think of why one might have a virtual affair in the first place. Usually, an affair stems from unhappiness in a relationship. If you’re 100% happy with your partner, you probably wouldn’t seek out a relationship with another gamer. Most people who responded to a survey about loyalty agreed that an online fair is just as harmful as a real-life one.

Aside from the sexual aspect some gaming relationships are based on, many of them also turn to an emotional affair. This likely can strain a real relationship, as one person chooses to communicate with an avatar instead of his or her partner. It’s not uncommon for the non-cheating spouse to call it quits once he or she discovers her partner’s affair. So, it’s safe to say that a virtual affair can be just as damaging as a real-life one.