Are You Over Dating Apps? Here Are the Best Ways To Meet Someone Offline

Once upon a time, it was taboo to admit you’d met someone online.  Most guys would rather make up a story about locking eyes with a girl in Starbucks than fess up to their OkCupid profile.  But now, thanks to Tinder and the onslaught of dating apps that followed, it’s commonplace to meet digitally before you ever lay eyes on someone IRL.  While dating apps offer a great way to connect quickly and match with people who’d usually never cross your path, they can be a headache.  Unanswered messages.  Miscommunication.  Distractions from your other matches.  They’re the equivalent of trying to pick someone up at a metal concert.  There’s a lot of noise and it’s unclear how you’ll get through.  Instead of finding new hacks to navigate the world of online love, log off.

Speed Dating

Speed dating
Source: Flickr

Okay, the idea of speed dating probably seems dated.  You can already picture a room full of reclusive professionals with beads of sweat forming on their foreheads.  But don’t knock it till you try it.  Speed dating forces you to connect with 6-8 different people.  There’s the possibility of a real connection.  But, even if you don’t match with anyone, at least you had the opportunity to meet new, exciting people (And avoid looking at your phone for an hour).