How to Keep Your New Fling Alive Over the Holidays

Perhaps this has happened to you.  You meet someone new at the start of December, and the two of you really hit it off.  We’re talking real chemistry.  You know instantly this is more than a one-night stand.  But the holidays are just around the corner.  Soon, you’ll both take off to different parts of the country to see your families.  And you’ll be forced to keep your new fling alive via texts and Facebook posts.  It’s a long-distance test that a lot of new matches don’t survive.  However, if you put in a little effort, you can ensure you’ve got someone to come home to.

Be Patient

texting holiday fling
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

The holidays are about family, and even though you’re both infatuated with one another, you’ll devote most of your time to your parents and siblings.  If a text goes unanswered for a few hours, don’t sweat it.  It doesn’t mean he or she has lost interest.  They’re probably busy stuffing the turkey or catching up with an uncle they haven’t seen in 5 years.  Exhibit some patience.