The Holidays and Your In-Laws: A Survival Guide

holidays decorations
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

The holidays can be stressful.  Between balancing budgets for holiday gifts, booking travel, and closing out year-end workload, there’s a lot going on.  Not to mention, reuniting with extended family can test your limits.  But things get especially tense when you don’t get along with your in-laws.

There are several lucky people out there who get along great with their surrogate parents.  Christmas dinner is practically a 3-hour Kumbaya singalong.  But for many of us, it’s quite the opposite.  The backhanded comments about the cleanliness of your home.  The mockery of your cooking.  Questions about very private parts of your life.  Even if they’re visiting for a short period of time, those little things can quickly get under your skin.  Forget budgets, shopping lists, and menus.  You need a plan to survive the holidays with your least favorite people.