10 Women Discuss Sex and Ken Kratz’s Voice

Netflix’s Making A Murderer is full of mysteries including who killed Teresa Haibach. But another mystery has popped up on twitter and it’s this: if former District attorney Ken Kratz is a sex addict then who is he having sex with?

Other questions that remain are this: after you lose your job for sexting battered women you were supposed to protect, can you still easily get a date?

Being a sex addict would be very inconvenient for someone who has a hard time, well, getting sex!

So we set out to do some research and came up with 10 women on twitter that can give us some ideas on what Ken Kratz’s dating life may look like. I mean would a smart women online date Ken Kratz? Let’s find out. We already know he likes to invite women to autopsies so how is that working out for Ken “The Prize” Kratz?

 10 Women On Twitter Discuss Sex and Ken Kratz’s Voice


1| A Girl Named Sky