How to Protect Your Relationship from Digital Pitfalls

Relationships were always tough.  Surely, our fathers and even our grandfathers struggled to stay in their spouse’s good graces.  But modern technology has added a more complex layer to an already complicated dynamic.  Now, the photos you like on Instagram and the DMs you receive on Twitter can start an argument.  What you choose to share and keep private can upset your significant other in a heartbeat.  Our fathers and grandfathers never had to worry about digital pitfalls.  But your relationship doesn’t have to fall victim to your smartphone.

In Person

It’s inevitable that the two of you are connected on social media.  Even though you share the same home, you still interact across one or more platforms.  It’s perfectly fine to have lighthearted chat in the comment sections of your Facebook posts.  But save the important stuff for one-on-one time.  Disagreements, financial matters, and anything personal should be discussed in person.

Avoid Flirting

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Trust is a foundational element of any relationship.  Thus, when you’re out there wandering the depths of your phone world, your partner assumes you’re remaining faithful.  You’ll get requests from other people who think you’re attractive.  Some will even try to flirt or offer up suggestive behavior.  It’s in your best interest to ignore them.  Don’t risk your happiness for a Twitter connection you’ve never met.

Don’t Get Jealous

Back to trust for a moment.  Just as you’re expected to remain faithful, you have the same expectations of your partner.  That being said, you don’t need to peek over their shoulder every time their phone lights up.  If you go digging for something, you’ll find it.  Trust that the fidelity goes both ways and keep your phones private.

Disconnect from the Exes

Bad relationship Exes
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Sometimes, our friend lists turn into shrines to the past.  Littered amongst your high school buddies and distant relatives is a handful of exes you never unfriended.  Odds are, they’re scoping out your every move and analyzing the progression of your current relationship.  If you two ended things amicably, there’s probably nothing to worry about.  But if they slashed your tires and egged your house, it’s best that you end the digital connection.  Don’t allow exes to linger online because they can pop up and ruin your newfound tranquility.

Though social media and tech have further complicated relationship dynamics, a little trust can go a long way when it comes to protecting your union.