5 Reasons Smart Women Fail At Online Dating

Play the Dating Game & Keep Your Brains!

a smart woman wearing glasses with her hair up in curls holds a martini and is making duck face
You have the brains but do you have the knowledge to rock online dating! Read on for 5 crucial smart girl dating tips!

Can a high IQ hurt your chances of meeting Mr. Right on an online dating website like OkCupid, Match.com or eHarmony? It turns out that yes, intelligence can get in the way of your dating life. No, I’m not going to tell you that smart women should play the ditz to get dates. Far from it! Smart women don’t need to lower their standards or any public display of their amazing brains. But smart educated and confident women do need to better understand the online dating game. The truth is that your superior brain power could be effecting your chances of meeting someone special. Scary I know! But it is not a lost cause because we have help! Here are FIVE REASONS why intelligent and confident women have problems with online dating. And we’ve even included five SMART GIRL DATING TIPS to fix the problems now! Read this now to become a master of “intelligent” dating!

1| Disdain for Bullshit in the Kingdom of Bullshit

A bullshit detector with an arrow indicator pointing into high bullshit readings
There is a certain amount of bullshit a woman should expect when online dating. Men play the game and the smartest daters know how and why.

There is one skill all smart women possess and it is affecting their ability to get a good date. What is this magic e-date killing trait? It’s a bullshit detector! Yes, when a guy starts flaunting his stuff and doing his virtual peacock walk across your dating feed you think: not bloody likely. If he says his favorite author is Kurt Vonnegut you know that translates into: haven’t actually read a book in 15 years. If he says his favorite activity is “hiking” you can tell by the look of him that he hasn’t slept under the stars since he was a boy scout. Some men even Photoshop their profile shots like they were a Kardashian taking a “spontaneous” selfie. So why is a bullshit detector bad? A bullshit detector can be bad because online dating is located smack in the middle of the kingdom of bullshit! The entire online dating experience is predicated on a type of personal marketing posture and we shouldn’t fault every guy for trying to play it. Many good guys out there are just trying to do their best under heavy competition. There are amazing men out there just trying to play by the rules, even if the rules don’t always appeal to kick ass smart girls. This doesn’t mean that you need to put up with a ton of bullshit from men but when you are looking for a good man you must remember that bullshit and selling yourself is part of the game. SMART GIRL DATING TIP: Don’t be afraid to turn the bullshit detector off. If you are interested in a guy who might have a bit of padding in his profile then find the most genuine detail and ask him about that. This will pull him (and you) out of the language of online dating and into the territory of real conversation.