Winter Love: Is This The Best Time to Start a Relationship?

winter love outdoors
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Let’s face it—winter isn’t a fun time to be single.  For one, the season is filled with holidays that prioritize gift-giving (i.e. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.).  And you can’t expect your friends to fill in the gaps.  Second, you spend those blustery nights cuddled up with Netflix and a fleece blanket—instead of a person.  Lastly, you’re less likely to go out because it’s so damn cold.  It’s no fun to go to a bar or club when it’s -10 degrees outside.  -10 could also describe your odds of meeting someone new.  So, is winter love really a thing?  Is this frigid season a good time to get into a relationship?  Or will you have to wait until the flowers bloom?