How to Have a Debt-Free Christmas

For many, debt and Christmas go hand and hand. You may have considered pulling out a credit card to finance Christmas. While if you have the money to back up those purchases, that is okay, but if you don’t its not worth it. Here are some ways to have a debt-free Christmas.

Christmas Debt
Source: Flickr
  1. Set a budget. Have a spending limit for each gift. Tally up your total and decide how much to save each week to get to your goal.
  2. Utilize credit card reward programs. If you use your credit cards regularly and pay them off, you may have gained a lot of rewards you can use for holiday spending. You might have travel rewards as well, which could come in handy if you need to book a flight.
  3. Shop using Ebates and get cash back on your purchases.
  4. Check online to price compare before making a purchase. Some competitors will price match, too.
  5. If you have a Target RedCard, save 5% on your purchases there.